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How to Integrate Traditional & Digital Marketing

March 1, 2016 2:12 pm Published by

So what is digital marketing?

The bottom line about digital marketing is that it’s all about the user and their experience and association with your brand. It’s not about selling your brand, it’s about creating a demand and a trust in your brand that helps to stimulate the consumer and provide a solution to their needs.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” –
Seth Godin

Whats involved in a setting up a digital marketing campaign?

Usually, that starts with a meeting and a coffee and getting to know what you need from your campaign, do you want to create awareness for your brand? Do you want to convert interest into sales? We then work our magic and help design a digital campaign around everything we have learned about what you want from your campaign.

Is digital marketing right for you?

Has business stagnated? are you at a point where you’re wanting to expand into a new marketplace and want to make big waves generate new custom? do you have a new product you want the world to know about?

Fortune favours the bold when it comes to digital marketing

Before we had the ability to be entirely digitally connected with virtually every corner of the globe marketing was a much more direct. The prime example was in the late 90’s if you are able to cast your mind back you might remember being inundated pretty much on a daily basis with those AOL cd’s, they were virtually everywhere you went. it was relentless! but you know what… It worked! When it comes to direct marketing a 2-3% response rate is considered a success if that was Ben Nevis then AOL were sitting on Everest with an incredible 20% response rate.

printing glasgow

When it comes to digital marketing try, try and try again

It takes the time to see what works for you and for your clients, it takes time for your marketing strategy to start to bear the fruits of your labour so be patient, its a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time to garner trust but it’s worth it for when everything clicks into place. When it comes to your website we have tools like Google Analytics that allow us to know what works and armed with that information and help from our experts we can improve interest and increase conversion.

Soapbox Design and Digital Marketing

So why not get in touch today or come in and meet the team and have a coffee, and see how we can improve your online marketing efficiency.

CALL US NOW ON 0141 429 2942


We'd like to contact you by email with our monthly news and offers, would you like to receive these?*

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