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Andy Hart


And Hart – Soapbox Design

  • Primary Abilities: Leadership, sales
  • Secondary Abilities: Marketing, design
  • Location: All stores
  • Years Active: 11 years
  • Super Power: Patience

As the fearless leader, Andy is at the heart of all Soapbox operations. He inspires and drives his team forward through careful management and insightful decisions. With a keen eye for design, Andy is always on hand to offer advice to create better and more intuitive websites.

Peter Stewart

Store Manager & Senior Designer

Peter Stewart - Store Manager & Senior Designer

  • Primary Abilities: Leadership, Design for Print
  • Secondary Abilities: Sales & Marketing
  • Location: Eglinton Toll
  • Years Active: 11 years
  • Super Power: Agility & Balance

Peter has been with the company since the start. This gives him a huge wealth of experience to draw from. He understands how to maximise communication between the company and the consumer audience.

Pip Carters

Graphic Designer

Pip Carters - Graphic Designer

  • Primary Abilities: Graphic Design
  • Secondary Abilities: Web Design
  • Location: Eglinton Toll
  • Years Active: 5 years
  • Super Power: FIFA Firestarter

Pip is a highly creative team member that posses a wide range of design talents. Capable of taking your concept and turning it into a work of art. Pip has developed the visual language that is needed to be a great print designer.

Gary McCord

Digital Operator

Gary McCord - Digital Operator

  • Primary Abilities: Precision, Organisation
  • Secondary Abilities: Graphic Design
  • Location: Eglinton Toll
  • Years Active: 22 years
  • Super Power: Transmogrifier

Gary is the newest member of the Soapbox family and has been in the print industry for over 22 years. With a keen eye for design and print he knows exactly how to achieve the the best results. He rises to any challenge with enthusiasm. Even in a highly pressurised situations taking great pride in his work and always striving for perfection.

Natalie Cochrane

Graphic Designer

Natalie Cochrane - Graphic Designer

  • Primary Abilities: Design, Organisation
  • Secondary Abilities: Sales
  • Location: Maryhill
  • Years Active: 9 years
  • Super Power: Excess Kindness

Natalie is our creative star based in Maryhill. Not only does she design with precision and flair, she also excels in providing sales and marketing advice to businesses based in Glasgow North.

Duncan Cromb


  • Primary Abilities: Web Design
  • Secondary Abilities: Print Design & Graphics
  • Location: Paisley
  • Years Active: 16 years
  • Super Power: Smooth like dolphin, strong like bear!

The newest member of the Soapbox family, Duncan made the jump from print design to web design. Already having developed the visual language needed to be a great print designer, Duncan is now fully trained in creating great websites as well.

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Soapbox Design & Print

I've used these fine fellows/fellowettes for two jobs so far and on both occasions they have ticked every box.  Service? Questions asked. Answers given. Product? Designs given. Quality outcome received. Price? Comparable to most at regular pricing, but offer real stand out specials. Turnaround? Quicker than a toilet break in rattlesnake country. Verdict. Perfect.