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Banner Stands: High Impact, Cost Effective

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Banner stands are a cost efficient advertising tool. Here are three reasons why they’re great marketing devices:

  • They’re visible from afar
  • They’re simple to assemble
  • They’re easy to transport

Banner Stands

With the right banner stand, you can attract new customers and create awareness of your brand at corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

Banner Stands: Get Seen in The Crowd

At exhibitions and events, it can be hard to get noticed amongst the swarm of competitors all vying for the attention of the crowd.

Vibrant and eye-catching, banner stands will help you stand out from your competitors and get you noticed by customers.

Professionally designed banner stands are an effective way of promoting your goods or services in a clear and distinct way to your audience.

Successful banner stands will prompt your audience to ask questions about your products or services, allowing you to engage with them and generate more sales for your business.

Banner Stands: A Cost Effective Investment

Banner stands are an economical investment; you can use them over and over again. If you choose a general style for your display with your companies name and logo, you will be able to take your banner stand to various events and make the most of your purchase.

At Soapbox Design, we use high-quality vinyl to ensure your banner stand is durable and long-lasting.

As well as being tough, our banner stands are designed to roll up, which means they can be stored conveniently in your office, they can be transported easily to different venues and they won’t take up valuable floor space at events or stores.

Banner Stands: Easy to Use

Banner stands are simple and easy to set up in just a few minutes, allowing you to maximise sales and networking time at exhibitions and events.

Banner Stands: Good Design is Essential

The design of your banner ad will determine your audience’s response to it. At Soapbox design, our designers will take you through the design process, helping you chose the right colours, fonts, images and designs to maximise the visual impact of your banner stand.

Banner Stands: Get in Touch

If you’re looking for a banner stand or would like more information on this product, please call or email us today.

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