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The art of creating Business Cards

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Business Cards, A useful tool when networking in Glasgow

For a professional businessman, business cards are an essential tool when networking, referring and communicating with your clients. You can make an amazing impression, but it means nothing if your potential clients don’t have a way of contacting you when they have a need for your services. Your business cards can also be used as a form of advertising representing a trustworthy business and communicating a sense of reliability. Business cards are also a great way to identify who is responsible for what role within a large organisation

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Business Cards, we print different types of business cards in Glasgow

At Soapbox design we produce lots of different types of business cards, including regular 400g, 450g Matt laminated (soft touch) and gloss laminated cards. These finishes of business cards come in different shapes and sizes. The most common size is the British standard, 88×58 which fits into a purse or wallet. Then you have folding business cards, normally used when you require having a lot of information on them. Another form would be shaped business cards, you would use these if you want to stand out from the ordinary and there is more of a chance that someone would keep your card if it looks good, professional or shaped in a unique way.

Handing over a business card is always more impressive and professional than scrambling for your phone or a pen and paper.

Business Cards and printing in Glasgow.

A well-designed business card will not only give your potential customer your details, it will also show a level of professionalism and no matter what type of business cards you go for, you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed with the level of service and the quality of your business card at Soapbox design and print. Printing in Glasgow with Soapbox design and print is a great way to communicate with your customers.

Business Cards – How do we order?

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