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It’s St Patrick’s day and our designer leprechauns have been hard at work sifting through our pot of gold in the office and have decided in honour of St. Paddy to bring you our 5 indispensable content marketing tips! Sit back and follow the rainbow and let’s see what inside the pot of gold!

Reuse and repurpose content:

Content evolves quicker than the human race has so it’s vital that you keep evolving content to keep it relevant, and that’s the keyword when it comes to refreshing and reinvigorating your content because it’s what will keep users coming back and keep them interested in your brand. Why not try totally re-inventing your content and create an infographic, slide show or video and increase its visual impact.

Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.
~ Ann Handley, MarketingProfs

Make the most of the tools available:

There are some really helpful content marketing tools at your disposal a prime example of these is Google’s Keyword Planner which can prove pretty invaluable when planning out an SEO strategy for your company, allowing you to identify related keywords and targeted phrases. The planning at this stage allows you to create content that works well for you and allows you to create relevant content in relation to your field.

content marketing

Aim for quality, not quantity:

In case, you haven’t noticed the internet is pretty spacious so there is a lot of content out there on the world wide web and not all of this content is of a high quality and poorly written content is the quickest way to turn off prospective customers. You want your content to stand out and have catchy titles, be broken up and concise and when you tick all those boxes you are on the right road to creating relevant and engaging content.

  • Your headline should be a 4 to 10 word synopsis of your content.
  • Write in sentence format so your reader knows what to expect.
  • Use a bold typeface.

Be original:

It’s easier said than done but this is the crème de la crème when it comes to content marketing. Original content is head and shoulders more effective when it comes to the conversion of interest into engagement. Here at Soapbox, we have been creating content for some time and we always advise our clients and our staff that original and unique content is what works best and that comes from a place of experience.

Think about SEO:

Is your blog helping drive traffic to your website? Do you write it with SEO in mind? if not then you are missing a trick! Earlier we touched on Google Keyword Planner and this is one tool available to you to help plan an SEO strategy to encompass content marketing. If your blog is through WordPress then you have the immensely powerful ‘Yoast’ at your fingertips to help you organise and optimise your blog to make it relevant for organic SEO search terms. And this can even be done to older content to help it make more of an impact and to be more relevant for search terms on google.

  • Page titles and meta data
  • Optimise page content
  • Img alt attributes
  • Internal and external linking
  • Creation of a sitemap
  • Keyword analysis
  • New content creation
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