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Fabric exhibition displays: Stand out in a crowd

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Everybody is fighting for space in the sales marketing and world. I imagine you’re no different! And when you enter the exhibition arena, the struggle multiplies. So many people are shouting to get your customer’s attention. The visual noise is overpowering. Overwhelming, even. That’s why you need an edge to ensure that your marketing is memorable.

Well, with our latest and greatest fabric exhibition stands we can provide that edge for you. Or in some cases, even curves! The range, which was created by our brand partner Nettl, starts from 2 metre high stands. These are an ideal replacement for a pull-up banner. Because let’s face it, there’s a good chance even your gran has one of these now.

Fabric Display Stands

Why do fabric displays stand out? Well, not only do they look super cool, but it’s made from an incredible print material, too. It’s amazing what you can do with it. Traditional large format print can’t compete with the print-quality delivered on this material.

Need more space? Fabric exhibition displays are ideal

We all know the cost and hassle of bringing in a builder to partition a room or create a separate meeting area. But picture this. You unzip a bag. Take out some interconnecting steel tubes. And then create a super light frame that has a ginormous zip up sock slipped over it. The whole process takes under 5 minutes. The result is stunning. Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore. Our Nettl partners have an enormous range of fabric displays. They’re easier to put up than a builders partition. And they’re prettier than those boring panels people have used to divide offices in the past.


What can you use fabric exhibition displays for?

Your imagination is the only limit. Earlier on, we discussed using them to stand out more at an exhibition. And we have real experience of companies within the wedding sector. Visualise being the only person in a national wedding show to have one of our new stands. You would get lots more interest from potential customers. And as a consequence, more sales.

We can think of loads of reasons why you should use one of our fabric displays. Here a few of our favourites.

  • The smaller banner ones are an excellent way to display a message to clients. They’re a quirky and a modern looking piece of kit.
  • The larger partition ones are an effective way to divide a space. They give you the flexibility to move or change the look of a room with a moments notice.
  • The largest of our fabric displays are 3 metre long and 2 metre high curved partitions or rooms. These are ideal for creating mini meeting areas, or small booths. Imagine a large open plan office with pop-up “pods” for people to have a meeting in. Or a space for some time out to eat or get a coffee. The designs can complement your room and taste.

Thanks to our partners at Nettl, we have printed a curved meeting booth, or as we call it, ‘the huddle’. It’s styled like a Stately Home drawing room. And by the number of people that have commented on it, we’re aware of how eye-catching it is. To see how brilliant it looks, check out the pictures in this blog post.

Fabric Display Stands

Fabric exhibition displays: Find out more

Give us a shout to come and pop by and see it for yourself. We’ll put the kettle on, and we can chat about how we can create more buzz around your company.

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