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The benefits of using flyers for your business

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Flyers as a marketing tool

Flyers are a highly effective marketing tool. Got a new business? Renamed? or just wanting to increase the visibility of your store/shop/restaurant etc then a flyer or leaflet drop can be a very effective tool in generating more foot traffic or more customer inquiries.

Here at soapbox were no stranger to receiving flyers through the post but the difference here is quality a poor quality one will go straight in the bin and be more of an annoyance for your potential customers, but if that flyer was high quality and looks like it took more than 5 minutes to design it instantly becomes something someone would negate throwing out and would opt to keep it, and be actively interested in.

The difference a professionally printed and well-designed flyer can be night and day.

If flyers are your chosen method of advertising then it’s also good to find a way to ‘track’ them and one of the more effective methods of doing this is to advertise a coupon which you can personalize by region to region to see which area does better so that future marketing can have a more targeted approach. At the end of the day this approach is a numbers game, but with a targeted marketing approach to it, you can maximize its impact.

What flyers do we do?

Our flyers come in many shapes and sizes..the sky is the limit, or well the extent of our imagination is the limit but we’re still to find out if that has a limit!

  • Gloss Flyers
  • Silk Flyers
  • Uncoated Flyers
  • Recycled Eco Flyers
  • Folded Flyers
  • Cut-out Flyers
  • A6, A5, A4 & A3 Flyers

Here at Soapbox, our designers are experienced with this type of advertising and marketing and have the tools and experience to help you make the most of your campaign and help with advice on how to increase your reach and to make a big impact.

Our stores in Glasgow and Paisley are filled with like minded and creative designers so pick their brains and start to come up wish some incredibly effective design and marketing tools for your business today!

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