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Plenty of research indicates that we need to see your advertising many times, in different formats, before a client purchases something. To be honest, do you walk away after your first set back? Well if you do, that’s a blunder, dust yourself down and get back to it. You’ve probably seen the stats on Twitter & LinkedIn, where they say that it takes between five and ten times you see an advert before the vast majority of transactions are created from it. Think about it, how many times do you communicate with your clients? It’s not very often that a sale is created on the first few meetings. This secret is just keep marketing. The more times you make contact with a client, the more chance of them making a purchase.

How to get more customers

It is better to contact five thousand customers five times than twenty five thousand just once. It doesn’t mean that you keep calling people every day asking “ready to do business?” That might work for some. But mostly not, it means that you use different methods to make contact. Let our guys construct a plan of attack for you, which has five to ten contact steps. This could be a leaflet to warm them up followed by an e-shot with an encouragement to meet. In the following weeks you could send out a promo card with a message centred on an service or product. The last thing you could so could be a call. That’s 4 types of contact. How about vouchers, showcasing special offers, backed up by some social media marketing.

Flick through an industry magazine. You will find at least one animal or holiday, sprinkled in amongst pics of people in meetings. I wouldn’t be like them. If you want to create an impact, stop looking like everyone else. Professional images costs less than you would think. You can combine stock images. Use them in the wrong context. Let’s create a campaign, which makes you stand out.

The typeface you use says much about your company. The font choices will determine whether you look up to date or old fashion, trustworthy or cutting edge, traditional or exciting, safe or crazy. Don’t use a lot of fonts. It can look amateurish. Obtain a professional look by sticking to two or three and use them in different styles (bold for example). Ask about our your font that will suit your business.

It sounds pretty clear, doesn’t it? Before you start to create a new marketing brochure, be clear what you wish for. Is it to sell a product directly or it could be to use during a meeting? Is it to launch a new product within your current customer spectrum or to introduce you to new prospects? Each one of these is a valid reason but each has different purposes and the message should change. What would you like a reader to do and work in reverse from there? ask for feedback from your customers, asking them “when you read this, what would you want to do?” If it isn’t what you require, then try again.

How to get more customers

Do you do a lot of marketing, then nothing, then lots? We all do this. Market, gets busy, stop marketing and focus on the job in hand. When it’s complete. It gets quiet. So we the marketing process all over again. But it takes a little while to get things moving, then we’re off again. The best way to do it is, do a little bit each week. Work out what to do over a set period of time, then stick with it. Consistency is important. Its better to do little bits more often, often than all in one go

Believe it or not, the size and material of your marketing is printed on makes a difference to how you are perceived. A thick card can make a product look expensive and grand where a leaflet can make it look inexpensive or less attractive. Check out our wide range of products and specs.

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