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Hello, if you’re reading this then you probably own or run a hospitality-based company. And you’ll probably appreciate that marketing a business can be a confusing task. A quick Google search results in a myriad of marketing options: SWOT and PEST analysis and a whole, lot more. How do you make sense of it all and know which marketing tips will work for your business? 

Hospitality Marketing Ideas

Well, why not take a back seat and let Soapbox Digital guide you through the murky world of hospitality marketing? Over the years we’ve worked with plenty of clients across the sector and thought we’d bring our experience to bear by producing a handy guide for the business like yourself.

We have first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in the hospitality industry, so take some time out of your day, read our informative ‘Marketing Tips & Advice for Hospitality’ guide and see how these creative ideas inside can help boost your business.


There is a core range of marketing activities and products that work well across the hospitality sector. In our handy ‘Marketing Tips & Advice for Hospitality’ guide, we not only list the basics but give you ideas of how to get even more out of the industry must-haves.


There are numerous ways to communicate offers and promotions to customers and potential clients alike. This section covers communicating with your customers and offers some tips on how to make your offering more attractive than your competitors. Go the extra mile with your marketing and clients will equate that with the level of service you offer. A bit of smart thinking and some streamlining of your marketing message can result in above average returns. Get in touch for a blether about your business and put us to the test!


Ok, menus are fairly standard in the hospitality sector but how much thought did you put into yours? A menu is probably the piece of print your customers spend longest looking at. Could you be making more of your offering? We have a whole raft of creative ideas we’d love to discuss with you about your particular business, and some of our best tips are touched on in our guide.


You’ll have heard the old Scots saying, “whit’s fur’ll no go by ye”? Ok, bad pun. But if you have no idea what we mean when we talk of fabric display architecture then that means your clients won’t either. Be one of the first to embrace this revolutionary new printing technology and create displays, sectioned off areas, interactive stand and more. Your clients won’t know what hit them and you’ll be the talk of the town!

Hospitality Marketing Ideas


Not only do we sell fabric boxes which look delightful and double as storage areas, this section of our ‘Marketing Tips & Advice for Hospitality’ guide also has a literal box on this page. In said box is a list of out of the box products and ideas that will make sure you stay in your customers’ minds longer than the opposition.


Websites and online marketing can be confusing bedfellows, and different sites are designed to achieve different outcomes. Let our guide run you through some of the main things you should be looking for from a website and provide some inspiring ideas about how to make your site more appealing to visitors. The longer they spend on your site, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Soapbox Merchant System


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what transforms a site from one that lurks in the dark corners of the Internet, to one that is easily located on Google, while beating the hell out of your competition. So many people fail to do this correctly but spend a lot of money in the process. Read this section of our guide for some impartial advice about how to use Google to give your site more visibility.


Like SEO, Pay Per Click is an area that our clients have not a lot of knowledge about how it works. It’s easy to organise a PPC campaign badly and burn through whatever you’ve set aside. A little intelligent planning can result in vastly improved campaign performance. We have SEO experts in every studio and, by God, do they love to talk about PPC. Give us a call and give them a try or simply download our handy guide for an easy to understand introduction.


There’s no getting away from social media these days so why try? Surely it’s better to stop complaining about how long children and friends seem to spend connecting, updating, poking, etc. and put these social platforms to work for you. With so many platforms to use and so many things you can say quickly and cheaply to a vast range of existing and potential customers, how do you know how to connect with people and the best places do to it?

Check out guide for some pointers or pop into one of our studios to find out more. We love any excuse to put the kettle on!

Download our Marketing Tips & Advice for Hospitality.

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