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Three great ways to market yourself in December

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In this blog, we will show you three great ways to promote yourself in December. We’ll also show you how to get more out of your marketing in a cost effective manner.

We’ll look at:

  • Winning with printed Scratch Cards
  • The return of the Christmas Card
  • Pimping your office with print

Marketing Tip #1: Winning with printed Scratch Cards

Looking to plan a marketing campaign that stands out? Have you ever thought about including scratch cards?

Scratch Cards

Your client needs to spend time scratching off to see if they’ve won. And this means they’re engaging with your marketing for longer. And this means there’s a greater chance that they will buy from you!

Keep it simple and make everyone a winner.

  • Give your client money off vouchers
  • Offer customers a free item when you buy something else.

Remember: everyone loves a freebie. Ask in-store and see what wonders we can come up with our Scratch Card range.

Marketing Tip #2: The return of the Christmas Card

Latest research reveals that sending an electronic Christmas Card is pointless. People look at them. Then they delete them. Fact.

Christmas Cards

Plus, with an electronic card people think that you have put no thought into it.

But don’t worry. Sending a printed Christmas Cards is still an amazing way to interact with your clients.

Admit it: Everyone loves receiving a cheesy card sent through the post.

A card, also, sits in your customer’s office for at least a few weeks. And in this digital world, a handwritten note inside a Christmas Card will stand out.

Ask about our fantastic prices for a broad range of cards to suit every budget.

Marketing Tip #3: Pimping your office with print

Let’s face it. Most workspaces are quite bland. Designed to avoid distraction. Soulless.

Fabric Prints

Studies suggest improving your environment can increase productivity. Your workplace will be a happier place.

A nice looking environment can increase productivity by up to 15%. And you will receive fewer health complaints, too.

Be more like Google or Pixar who create impressive workspaces.

Boost your team’s morale with the following improvements, including printed:

  • partitions
  • wallpaper
  • posters
  • booths

Or be creative. Why not have printed bean bags scattered around the place? Create a place to relax from the stresses of everyday office life.

New technology means that you can tailor your custom based workspace. Office designs are moving in the direction of different zones, environments or spaces.

A general space isn’t enough for your employee’s happiness. You can pimp your office, for a lot less than you think. Printed fabric curtains are an excellent example of this.

Some new research shows incredible insight into how to make your workspace more creative. It increases profit, productivity and wellbeing.

Wanting to find out more about marketing?

There are new customers out there waiting for you. And we can help you contact them.


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