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Why Print Marketing is Still Important

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We live in a world where digital marketing is becoming increasingly diverse and widespread. Some people might make the mistake of abandoning more traditional physical marketing techniques to opt for e-mail marketing and online advertisements. These are perfectly valid, and absolutely worth pursuing, although to think print has become ‘irrelevant’ is a costly mistake.

Print is unique and plays a vital role in allowing businesses to connect with their clients. This blog will discuss how each form of getting your business out there differs, and why print should play a role in any marketing campaign.

Demand Your Customer’s Attention

The nature of digital marketing makes it very easy for your targets to lose their concentration. If you have posted an advertisement online, the viewer can so easily be distracted by something else on the page or just open a new tab, or even worse something else on the internet entirely. If you reach out by e-mail, however, they may merely scroll past it to something they find more important.

Demand Your Customer’s Attention

Printing, on the other hand, can very easily demand more attention. If you distribute a brochure to someone and they take the time to open it, then it is much more likely that they will actively consider what your company has to offer. If you make the physical commitment to open up and read it is likely you will take more in, rather than just having an advertisement presented to you which you will often automatically just scroll past.

Physical printed goods invite potential customers to disconnect from the internet and distraction, putting their entire focus on precisely what your company is trying to say. Flicking through professionally printed goods can offer a much more intimate experience.

Don’t get us wrong, digital marketing is fantastic, but they have different qualities. While digital marketing is suitable for widespread exposure and snapshots of information, distributing printed goods can be much more tactile and targeted while offering a more in-depth content experience.

Get some alone time with your customers!

As we have mentioned, there are countless distractions on the internet. However, on top of cat videos, there is also your competition. Everyone is doing digital marketing, and you can still stand out, although the internet is a shared space. You can easily be in competition with hundreds of different companies who do exactly what you do, targeting the same potential clients.

Print, on the other hand, offers much more opportunity for one on one time. It is not impossible, but it is unlikely that someone would sit with ten brochures in front of them for ten similar companies just flicking through them. It is much more likely that they will pick up your brochure and yours alone which should mean they will really take in your content.

Continuous Impact

Digital marketing in many senses is very fleeting. Unless you get an instant conversion, then it is unlikely to have any further effect. Once you have viewed it, and potentially ignored it, it is gone.

Print media, on the other hand, will not disappear. It is a solid and tangible object that can influence potential customers for a virtually limitless amount of time. This means your leaflet, brochure, or business card has the potential to secure lots of repeat business, serving as a constant reminder to your customers that you exist.


Professionally printed content can also be a lot more useful in terms of getting information across because of the way that we consume content. When we have physical content in front of us, we read it in a logical and chronological order, making it easier to get the full picture. We start at the beginning, and finish at the end, consuming a straightforward sequence in-between.

With digital media, our sequence of consumption can be much more sporadic. The number of links we have available and the ability to scroll combined with the fact that we might just have come across the content, rather than made the deliberate decision to read it, makes it much more difficult for us to properly take things in. In short, printed materials are much more effective in getting actual information across to your audience.

Pick Your Targets

With digital marketing, you are essentially throwing a very wide net and hoping that you catch something. This has its advantages, and we would never suggest forgoing your online presence altogether. However, print can be much more specific.

Pick Your Targets

You can decide exactly where your printed goods are distributed according to area, demographic, environment and even time. If, for example, you are advertising a new lunch place, you might hand out leaflets near your restaurant in the early afternoon. If you were promoting a new bar, you might opt to distribute them near a university campus at night time.

The complete control you have over distribution is a real feather in the cap for printed goods, and one that will not go away.

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