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5 Methods of Getting the Most From Your Business Cards

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Having an impressive business card is essential. In many situations, they are the face of your business. They are a first impression, and although people might deny it, business card snobbery exists!

However, having the right tool is only half the battle. Regardless of how quality your cards are, they aren’t going to distribute themselves. A surprising number of our clients order business cards with no plan of what they are going to do with them, and they end up just being handed out sporadically whenever they happen to have one on them.

This is a recipe for missed opportunities and, ultimately, wasted cards. In this blog, we will outline some ways that you can employ to change business cards from a forgotten occasional formality to a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

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How to Make the Most of Your Business Cards

We have determined five key tactics which you can use to make sure your business cards are very effective:

  • Cooperate with complementary businesses
  • Attach cards to all correspondence
  • Take advantage of referrals
  • Always have business cards on-hand
  • Make use of trade shows and networking events

How to Make the Most of Your Business Cards1. Hand Out Cards to Complementary Businesses

Business is competitive, but not we aren’t all in competition with each other. There are many enterprises which in fact complement your own. Pairing up with these businesses for a marketing opportunity can be very lucrative indeed.

For example, if you own a vintage clothing shop, and there is a vinyl shop nearby, then it is likely that you are going to have some crossover customers. Why not ask if you can swap some business cards to display on the counter?

Relationships like this can give a mutual increase in footfall, and competition for sales will be minimal if not non-existent

2. Use Your Established Connections to Make Others

Networking is a beautiful thing, and word of mouth can provide a steady stream of business. In addition, we have those connections who do a disproportionate amount of work when it comes to referrals. Make sure these people have a number of your cards to make sure you get as many enquiries as possible.

And remember, return the favour if you can! Not only is it good networking etiquette, but if you get people business they are much more likely to return the favour!

3. Keep Piles of Business Cards EVERYWHERE

We have all been there; a potential new client asks for a business card, and you reach into your pocket to find none, knowing there are hundreds in your desk at home. This can be an incredibly expensive oversight and one that is not particularly difficult to overcome.

Keep some business cards in your car, in your wallet or bag, in your office at work. Keep them replenished at all times and remember; better to have too many than too few! By being as vigilant as possible, you can help to make sure you’ll never be caught out again!

4. Attach Business Cards to Your Mail

If you need to send anything at all to a person or another business, then you undoubtedly already have some form of connection. Getting a business card to them could be the start of a very promising working relationship.

When you are sending absolutely any form of correspondence, make sure that you attach at least one business card. Even if they don’t have a need for your services right away, if that changes your business card being on-hand will be very convenient for both of you.

Whether you are sending receipts, payments, products, letters, forms, or any other form of physical correspondence, make sure you attach a business card.

Attach Business Cards to Your Mail

5. Go to as Many Networking/Exhibition Events as Possible

When you are handing out business cards, casting as wide a net as possible is always the most effective method. However, it helps to try and throw this wide net in areas where you know that there is going to a considerable number of potential clients.

With this in mind, make sure you go to all networking and exhibition events as possible, armed with as many business cards as you can carry. At these events, you can be sure there will be hundreds of people who are likely to be very keen to work with you or use your services, and it is important to make a good and lasting impression when surrounded by so many potential customers.

Get in Touch

By following our advice, you can be sure that you will be making the most of your investment. However, have a quality method of distribution is only half the battle; you need to have some quality cards to distribute as well!

At Soapbox, we design we offer a number of material options as well as a selection of unique design options. This versatility along with our design team allows us to create customised cards which reflect your company’s standard of excellence appropriately.

Alternatively, you also have the option of sending your own image over and making use of our fast and impressive professional printing service. Just get in touch with our team to discuss your order, and have your product in just a couple of days.

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