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Introducing Our New Environmentally-Friendly and Cheaper Business Cards!

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Many of us would like to do more for the environment, but it isn’t always easy. A lot of companies tend to offer a lot of different services that are ‘green’, but the cost of using them is so high that it just isn’t a realistic option for you or your business.

At Soapbox, we like to do things differently. Meet our new Biodegradable Range.

Business Cards Even the Environment will Appreciate

Quality makes the difference when it comes to business cards. Handing out a flimsy piece of paper with some details on it is hardly going to hit the mark; you want to hand out something that feels sturdy and far from disposable.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that single-use plastics are polluting our planet and oceans, mainly because plastics just refuse to disintegrate.

Just recently a study was undertaken to check the stomachs of deep-sea creatures. Each and every animal examined had plastic in their stomach. This is not only affecting wildlife, but plastic has also been found in many fish and animals that we consume in our diets.

Biodegradable Cards

Things aren’t going to change on their own, and we all have to do our part to minimise our impact on our planet.

With this in mind, next time you order business cards and decide you want some quality plastic coating, consider our biodegradable option. As a natural material, it will break down and return to the earth over time without sticking around to affect wildlife.

Save the Planet, Save Money

As mentioned, a lot of these environmentally-friendly products come at a cost which just isn’t realistic. However, we are offering a fantastic discount which makes it friendlier on your wallet too – it’s a win-win!

We are now offering a £20 discount which means that you can do your part while not being out of pocket. Can you beat that?

Give us a call today or pop into our office, and we will get your new bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly print job underway.


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